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Family Workshops

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Women’s Managing Anxiety & Depression Workshop

Date: Saturday, March 18th, 2023
Time: 9AM-12PM
Location: Cornerstone of Hope | 
2963 Blue Jacket Court
Cost: $75 per person 
Age: 18+

Anxiety and depression often hold many women captive. God has provided practical skills to help us avoid the painful bondage of these emotions and thoughts. This group will process through discussion, experience and practical application how to: 

  • Recognize triggers and minimize escalated emotions

  • Apply healthy calming techniques and coping strategies

  • Keep thoughts from ruling emotion and action

  • Be aware of hindrances to the peace God offers, how to rediscover it, and live in it

  • Manage traps that lead to anxiety and depression such as performance/perfection, fear, negative thoughts, sense of unworthiness, busyness, pride and past



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