Upcoming Support Groups:

Managing Anxiety & Depression

Women's 6 Week Group


When: Thursdays, beginning October 7th-Nov. 11th. 2021

Time: 6:00-8:00PM

Cost: $130 

Location: Cornerstone of Hope  *2963 Blue Jacket Ct. Lima 45806


Anxiety and depression often hold many women captive. God has provided practical skills to help us avoid the painful bondage of these emotions and thoughts. This group will process through discussion, experience and practical application on how to:


  • Recognize triggers and minimize escalated emotions

  • Apply healthy calming techniques and coping strategies

  • Keep thoughts from ruling emotion and action

  • Be aware of hindrances to the peace God offers, how to rediscover it, and live in it

  • Manage traps that lead to anxiety and depression such as performance/perfection, fear, negative thoughts, sense of unworthiness, busyness, pride and past

Kid's Conquering Anxiety

6 Week Group

When: Tuesdays, Beginning Oct. 5th – Nov. 9th, 2021
Time: 5:00-6:00PM
Location: Cornerstone of Hope Lima
Cost: $100 due before or at the beginning of the group

This group is for children ages 2nd -4th grade who struggle with anxious feelings and thoughts. The good news is that they are not alone and there are numerous hands-on, practical, creative ways to help them combat these thoughts and emotions in healthy ways! Cornerstone will seek to equip them with tools to grow their confidence and resiliency as they work to conquer their anxiety!
Throughout this 6-week group children will learn:

•    What happens before, during, and after an anxious experience
•    How anxiety affects their body and their thoughts
•    How to identify “ThoughtHoles” (distortions in thinking)
•    How to combat anxiety using the FARR method (Freeze, Adjust, Recognize, Resolve)
•    To utilize coping skills such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, thought redirection



Future Support Groups

These are an example of topics that may run in the future.

Please check back for upcoming dates.


  •  Kids Conquering Anxiety Group

  • Kids Building Up Character Group

  • Loss of Loved One to Suicide Support Group

  • Building Up Boys: Battling Big Emotions

  • Men with Integrity Group

  • Women's Group for Managing Anxiety and Depression, Bluffton and Lima Locations

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety: For Teachers, Student-Teachers or School Staff

  • Rebuilding Hope: Hope & Healing When a Spouse has been Unfaithful, Bluffton and Lima Locations

  • Smart Steps: Support, Practical Education, and Hope for Families in Transition due to Divorce and/or Remarriage

  • Kids Navigating Divorce: Support and Hope for Kids in Changing Families