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Support Groups
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CURRENT Support Groups:

Building Up Kids: Battling Big Emotions

6 Week Group


When: Wednesdays beginning January 25th- March 1st, 2023

Time: 4:00-5:00PM

Cost: $120                                                                                                      

Location: Cornerstone of Hope Lima | 2963 Blue Jacket Court

Ages: Kindergarten through 4th


An exciting, unique experience of creativity mixed with learning for kids! LEGOs provide a natural vehicle for creativity. Blending this creativity with various physical, social and emotional learning activities provides a great atmosphere for kids to learn while they create!

Through the use of LEGOs and other hands-on fun, attendees will learn:

  • How their brains are wired

  • Self-Regulation and calming strategies

  • Healthy expression of emotion through colors and building

  • How to choose healthy reactions to process life situations

  • Practical techniques to cope with emotional situations

  • Increase self-confidence and empathy skills

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Anger Management Groups


ADULT Anger Management 8 Week Group

Redeeming Anger

Date: Every Wednesday, Beginning March 1st – April 19th, 2023

Time: 5:45-7:15PM

Cost: $80 per person

Ages: 18+ | Open to Men & Women

Location: Cornerstone of Hope Lima

2963 Blue Jacket Court

Certificates of Completion given to attendees who participate


This is a group for those who struggle to express anger in a healthy manner. Facilitators will equip participants with skills, strategies, and knowledge to successfully lessen angry thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This 8 week group will include the following:

  • Define anger:  healthy anger vs unhealthy anger

  • Identify anger triggers and develop a plan to manage them

  • Identify personal cycle of aggression and consequences; explore strength to promote change

  • Learn tools for positive assertiveness to improve healthy communication patterns

  • Identify and redeem core beliefs that contribute to anger

  • Explore areas of possible victim thinking to increase personal responsibility with a growth mindset

  • Develop daily goals to increase the level of calm in daily experiences

  • Reflect on personal progress and solidify a relapse prevention plan

FAMILY Anger Management 6 Week Group
Shifting Anger to Empathy


Date: Every Monday, Beginning March 20th – April 24th, 2023
Time: 6:00-7:30PM
Cost: $80/per family 
Ages: Families with K-5th graders | Parent/Guardian must attend with child
Location: Cornerstone of Hope Lima | 2963 Blue Jacket Court


Anger is normal and natural.  Learning how to express anger in healthy ways requires support, modeling, and practice.  In this 6-week group, families will learn and practice skills necessary to understand how to identify anger-provoking events, regulate anger reactions in the home, school, and community, and express anger in healthy, compassionate, and empathic ways. Attendees will learn:
•    How to Grow Empathy within the Family
•    Identification and Healthy Expression of Emotions
•    Coping skills and De-escalation Techniques
•    The Productive Shift from Aggression to Positive Assertiveness
•    Healthy Communication in Relationships, both in and outside the home


Future Support Groups

These are an example of topics that may run in the future.

Please check back for upcoming dates.


  •  Kids Conquering Anxiety Group

  • Kids Building Up Character Group

  • Loss of Loved One to Suicide Support Group

  • Building Up Boys: Battling Big Emotions

  • Men with Integrity Group

  • Women's Group for Managing Anxiety and Depression, Bluffton and Lima Locations

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety: For Teachers, Student-Teachers or School Staff

  • Rebuilding Hope: Hope & Healing When a Spouse has been Unfaithful, Bluffton and Lima Locations

  • Smart Steps: Support, Practical Education, and Hope for Families in Transition due to Divorce and/or Remarriage

  • Kids Navigating Divorce: Support and Hope for Kids in Changing Families

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