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Equipping students with practical skills to manage their stress, anxiety and depression!



Appropriate for 5th-12th Graders

Cornerstone of Hope LIMA will send a representative to hold a Resilient Teen interactive assembly with individual or combined grade levels. Representatives are licensed professional counselors with great experience equipping middle school and high school students with practical skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression that they can apply now and for years to come.



Best time frame: 40-45 minutes
Cost: $450/per assembly
includes professional facilitator and materials
Students will need a pen or pencil and room to write



Appropriate for 5th-12th Graders 

Following the assemblies, 6 week groups will be offered to students at the school during the school day. The goal of this group is to enhance students’ social emotional learning.


Students Will Learn

• How their brains and bodies are wired to process stress

• Positive coping strategies and how to implement them

• How to apply their strengths to challenges they face

• How to develop healthier outlooks

• How to manage friendship struggles

• How to live with resiliency

• That they are not alone



Best time frame: 30-40 minutes
Amount of students/group: 8-10 max
Cost: $750/group
includes professional facilitator and materials




Cornerstone of Hope LIMA provides in-service training for school professionals. A licensed professional counselor from Cornerstone of Hope will provide training that includes the following:


• Education for school professionals about the brain and how it processes stress, anxiety and depression
• Equipping school professionals with tools to manage personal stress, anxiety, and depression
• Provide school professionals with language and techniques to help students process stress, anxiety and depression in healthy ways



Cost: $150 per hour

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