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When the leader is healthy, the team gets healthier, and the whole community benefits!



Topic: Maintaining Healthy Boundaries/Healthy Life Rhythm

Date: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023
Time: 11:45am-1:00pm
Location: Lima Community Church  
Journey Building | 2945 N Cole St. Lima
Cost: $15 per person
*Lunch will be provided to all attendees


Leaders tend to be highly motivated go-getters with very strong work ethics and a strong desire for excellence! This all sounds good and works for them until it gets out of balance. We live in a culture that has elevated work performance at all costs to other aspects of life to an unhealthy platitude. When a leader’s life is out of balance, the root is often from unhealthy internal messages that tend to seep out to their teams, families and their own health.

This workshop will help leaders:
•    Recognize how improving boundaries in one area of life creates a positive ripple effect in multiple areas for leaders
•    Uncover unhealthy belief systems often found in leaders and reframe them
•    Understand the byproduct of modeling unhealthy vs healthy boundaries to their teams and families
•    Identify any areas that are out of balance and develop a healthy life rhythm plan





Interlocking Bricks


Interlocking bricks provide a vehicle for endless possibilities in a manner kids can understand and interact with. This will be a fun, unique, hands-on training all done with interlocking bricks that will provide you with the following:

  • Education to help children better understand how their brains are wired

  • Self-Regulation and calming strategies for children

  • Healthy expression of emotion through colors and building

  • Ways to help children challenge their negative thinking

  • Tools to guide children to rethink their behavior and process life situations

  • Practical techniques to enable children to cope with stressful situations

  • Positive behavior reinforcement, strengths and confidence building


Evidence-based Education and Treatment Implications for Families in Transition Due to Divorce and/or Remarriage  

  • Understand realistic expectations in step-family and co-parenting situations

  • Learn how to effectively communicate to parents how to manage parental responsibility personally and with all parties involved in child’s life

  • Learn positive communication/relationship skills including healthy expression of emotions by parents and children

  • Recognize effective parenting styles, implement healthy boundaries and navigate discipline and consequences in dual family situations

  • Assess what children need from parents during dual family transitions


Best Practices and Effective Techniques When Working With Couples 


This workshop is designed to help clinicians and other professionals understand some of the most common struggles that couples face in their relationship.  We will discuss the best practices to keep in mind when working with couples including setting appropriate goals, boundaries, and expectations.  We will also discuss effective techniques that can be used to assess the needs of the couple, enhance positive communication, and establish a safe environment. By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand common areas of stress and dissatisfaction in relationships including but not limited to differences in values, finances, and infidelity.

  • Identify best practices to use when working with couples to avoid dual relationships, triangulation, and keeping secrets.     

  • Describe effective treatments used with couples to promote healthy communication and fulfillment of needs.




Available For: Retreats, Conferences, Events, Churches, Schools & Community Organizations


Training & CEU Topics

  • Anticipatory Grief

  • Boundaries

  • Building Up Kids Interlocking Bricks

  • Creative Interventions

  • Ethics

  • Grief & Traumatic Loss

  • Group Dynamics & Interventions

  • Integrating Counseling & Faith

  • Parent support for emotions, self-regulation & behavior in kids

  • Self-regulations

  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • Valuing client/patients

  • Additional topics tailored to your team training or CEU needs


Training Fees

  • $350 per hour

  • Mileage will be factored into final cost based on distance from Cornerstone of Hope LIMA office


If you would like more information on our trainings and what we offer, please contact our office at 419-581-9138 or email

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